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Crowd Controllers

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Crowd Controllers
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PSG Security is an experienced and reliable provider of crowd controllers in Melbourne and Sydney.  Our security guard and crowd control company specialises in crowd control management procedures, crowd control methods as well as crowd control techniques.  

Managing crowds involves significant risk. The extent, severity and exposure to risk will vary depending on: the circumstances crowd controllers find themselves in; how well crowd control staff have been prepared; and how effectively risks have been controlled.

Our crowd controllers experience includes large scale public events such as the Commonwealth Games, Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Weeks, Chadstone luxury extension opening, store openings, multiculural events, Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary, private parties and corporate events like the Podium Lounge, Melbourne for Pirelli during the 2014 F1 Grand Prix.


Our team can be dressed in a business suit, casual attire or the PSG Security uniform depending on client needs.

We also provide security guards for:

  • Asset protection: Gatehouse security, security guards, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Construction and building sites: security guards, crowd controllers and traffic controllers in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Retail stores: security guards in Sydney and Melbourne.  Soon in Perth too!
  • Events: security guards, crowd controllers and parking services in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Concerts: security guards, crowd controllers and parking services in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Public events: security guards, crowd controllers and parking services in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Trade shows
  • Store openings: security guards and crowd controllers in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Display homes: security guards, crowd controllers, traffic controllers in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Private parties: crowd controllers and security guards in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Personal protection: security guards and crowd controllers in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Escorts: security guards in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Banks: security guards in Sydney and Melbourne

Our other related services include:

  • All Events staff
  • Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) officers

Crowd controller selection process

Crowd control is a highly skilled occupation and one that demands great skill, ability and crowd control methods.  All of PSG Security's crowd controllers are carefully screened and vetted prior to deployment.  Each guard is assessed on their ability to communicate clearly and effectively, their customer service skills and presentation.

Our crowd control management techniques and methods include:

  • controlling entry into venues or events;
  • monitoring and communicating on crowd and individual behaviour;
  • dealing with potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour;
  • physically managing aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour;
  • administering and coordinating ‘first response’ first aid or critical care; or
  • coordinating emergency evacuation of a venue or event.


PSG Security provides induction training to all new employees, as well as regular professional development training to its workforce.  Crowd controllers receive refresher training in customer service, conflict resolution, security law, detection and prevention of theft, emergency procedures and first aid.

Security Crowd Controllers Licence: 82013620S

Master Crowd Controllers Licence: 410575413

Crowd Control Equipment

PSG Security can supply and sell:

  • Crowd control barriers
  • Crowd control equipment
  • Crowd control ropes
  • Crowd control barricades
  • Crowd control systems
  • Retractable barriers
  • Crowd control fences
  • Crowd control posts

In Victoria, a Crowd controller means: a person who is employed or retained principally to maintain order by doing all or any of the following:

  • screening entry;
  • monitoring or controlling behaviour;
  • removing any person; or
  • otherwise maintaining order at any public place.

A person is not defined as a crowd controller if he or she is responsible for purely checking that people:

  • have paid for admission; or
  • have invitations or passes allowing for admission.

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